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“We offer How 2 Franchise Mapping Service from £499 plus VAT.”


How 2 Franchise Territory Mapping Facilities offers franchisors the ability to predefine franchisee areas thereby affording you a comprehensive picture of your franchise network. Intelligent territory mapping with rich visualisations lets you really see the depth of the business opportunity you are offering your franchisee.


After deciding to franchise my business and signing up with How2Franchise I was looking to create territories for my franchisees. This lead me to investigate and open dialogue with several mapping companies. The resultant shock was the costing which had a pricing range starting at £1,500; this would provide me with basic maps and data however any additional changes would incur new costs. This was rather disappointing. Being certain a more cost effective opportunity was available I pursued an idea at the back of my mind which was to venture out by myself and create my own mapping profiles. After several months of investigation and testing I located an ideal solution that provided the exact service I wanted affording me the enviable position of not using a third party.

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