So How Much Will It Cost To Franchise Your Business? You have 2 Choices – DIY or Consultancy….

At How2Franchise we work mainly on results. We charge you an upfront fee of £6000 plus VAT to set up and launch the franchise for you. We will franchise your business in under two months for only £6,000 (payable in installments).

This is the best price in the marketplace!

Everything else is then based on results if you wish us to handle the recruitment of franchisees for you (see below). If you wish to handle the recruitment side yourself then there are no other charges beyond our upfront costs. We will even show you how to handle the recruitment of franchisees if you wish to do it yourself.

So What Are The Upfront Costs?

Unlike most franchise consultants, we believe in being totally up front with you about what it will cost to franchise your business. We give you the complete package cost to get everything up and running properly. The project will be made as self-financing as possible but there will be an upfront investment of £6,000 +VAT which is payable in three installments. This payment package covers the following areas:

  • Franchise Blueprint / Model / Financials
  • Legal Franchise Contract
  • Franchise Operations Manual
  • Franchise Prospectus
  • Help With Franchise Websites
  • Meeting Presentation Materials
  • Initial Marketing Launch

As you can see this is an extremely competitive price. We believe it is the best priced model in the market place today. Legal fees alone can cost between £15k and £20k.

The Ongoing Costs

Apart from the initial upfront costs outlined above, the income received from franchisees will then make the project self-financing and take it into profit. In terms of ongoing expenses, the only other costs you will incur are the costs of advertising for franchisees and any enhancements to the legal contract and marketing materials. The costs of franchisee training, support and equipment are covered in the franchise fees, royalties and management fees.

Recruitment of Franchisees

There are two ways to handle the recruitment of franchisees:

You can do it yourself – we show you how or How2Franchise will do it for you.

Our services would cover:

  • Handling all enquiries and following them up
  • Qualifying potential franchisees and arranging meetings
  • Meeting potential franchisees
  • Following up potential franchisees after the meeting
  • Setting up the legal contracts and handling the arrangements for new franchisees buying into the franchise

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or require further information.