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Phat Pasty Company






We are revolutionising the office lunch

By combining freshly baked traditional Cornish pasties, high quality homemade sandwiches, baguettes, salads and soups and delivering with our unique brand and our distinctive Phat van, we are changing the ‘delivered to work’ marketplace.

Phat Pasty Company has been developed by us to give our franchisees the opportunity to grow their own businesses, built around local offices, industrial estates and local events.

Your business working to our systems

This business is designed to be operated from home and can be either a simple 5-day operation or extended to include events and functions in the evenings or weekends. Over time the business may be extended to operate a number of Phat Vans from a small lock up industrial unit which acts as a ‘hub’.

Just launched into trial, the Phat Potato Van is also being developed to give franchisees even greater variety and the opportunity to grow a multiple Phat Van business.

Turnkey package

This is a franchise in which we provide a total package to get our franchisees up and running, with top quality support and expertise to help grow their own business.

Working from home, the business is designed to fit around individual lifestyles and to minimise the headaches associated with many other retail or franchised operations –

Say ”No!” : 

  • Rents to pay
  • People to employ
  • Money to chase
  • Major capital investment

This all makes for a great business which can be quickly set up and established in a franchisees home town with fantastic potential to grow into a multiple Phat Van business. Everyone who sees the Phat Vans loves the business and franchisees will love the returns.

Could you be our next Franchisee?

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